Single Session


The Makers's Nook offers an open studio time for toddlers walking-5 years, two times a week?! We refer to it as T.L.C Time- or Toddlers Love Crafting! Your toddler doesn’t have to know how to craft to engage in TLC. Dress them for a mess and come check it out! .

TLC Time offers several stations set up with sensory activities for your child to explore. A painting corner; yes, an entire corner dedicated to paint! So when that little one picks up a paint brush for the first time and paints the walls, we don’t fret! We love this! We encourage this! This is what we’re all about here at The Makers Nook; guiding our children and providing them with the tools they need to be creative, to be curious and to grow their minds! So, when Joey paints the floor, or his arms and toes, don’t stop him! He’s learning!