Frozen Oobleck Brain

Frozen Oobleck Brain

A invitation to play that will make their eyes about pop out of their heads! These frozen oobleck brains are a messy invitation for play that will keep any imagination egaged for hours, or until all the oobleck melts, even then the play continues. Oobleck is a semi-solid, which means it's both a liquid, and a soild. Hard when you poke/touch it, but it melts in your hands when you pick it up! We reccomend putting your Frozen Brain on cookie sheet and then placing the cookie sheet in a tub, or doing this activity outside or in the garage. It is easily cleaned up by running warm water over it. Another tip we do in the studio is having a bucket of water and a towel close by for when hands need a break. You dont want drips of oobleck all the way to the bathroom. 


Frozen Brain Kit Comes with:

1 Frozen Oobleck Brain 

1 Syringe 

bugs hidden inside for finding